What should I look for in a notebook?

One of the most important features of a notebook is its battery life. This should definitely meet your requirements. You can find out how long a notebook battery lasts here.
The performance, which is largely determined by the CPU. But beware. The more hearts per CPU and the more CPUs are connected together, the more heat loss occurs. This heat must be compensated by fans, which makes the notebook loud and heavier. However, these are indispensable, otherwise the CPU will be damaged. The more demanding your notebook's performance requirements are (for example, through gaming or performance-intensive graphics programmes), the higher the heart count should be, which is specified in GHz.
The working memory, also called "RAM", is responsible for the speed of the computer. In notebooks, RAM - in contrast to a desktop PC - cannot be upgraded so easily. It is recommended that you do not skimp on RAM, otherwise you may find yourself annoyed by long loading times.
The hard disk should be an SSD these days. HDDs are slower and more susceptible to damage. They still offer more storage space at a lower price, but should no longer be installed in a laptop. HDDs continue to work perfectly well as an external storage device connected to the laptop or notebook. The graphics card is responsible for the graphic output. The planned use is also decisive when choosing the graphics card and here too the following applies: the more demanding the performance, the higher the quality of the graphics card, also called "GPU" should be. High-end manufacturers are, for example, ASUS and AMD.
The interfaces also play a major role, depending on the intended use of the laptop or notebook. The most relevant connections are currently USB 3.0 and HDMI/DVI as well as Display Port (DP). The laptop/notebook should be equipped with these.

Which notebooks from Apple are available?

Apple calls its notebooks "MacBooks". There are three versions of these:
- MacBook
- MacBook Air
- MacBook Pro
These are available in various sizes and designs, for example with or without TouchBar.