Buy refurbished iPhones

Considering buying a refurbished iPhone but still undecided? Let's explore the benefits and considerations of buying a refurbished iPhone

The timeless appeal of older iPhone models

While the latest iPhone attracts attention with its cutting-edge features, older iPhone models continue to offer a number of advantages. For example, if a mobile phone needs to be handy, the Minis and SE iPhones are a better choice than the brand new iPhone. These devices have a familiar design and have proven to be reliable. They are also often available at a cheaper price, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.

Compatibility with iOS versions

If you're considering an older iPhone model, it's important to check its software compatibility. Apple regularly releases new versions of its iOS operating system, which bring improvements and enhanced features. In general, you can expect an update for around 5 years from the release of the device. This allows you to keep up to date. On the Revendo website, the release years are listed under the product.

Ruggedness and durability

Even if the age of the phone affects certain hardware functions such as computing power and camera technology, this does not necessarily mean that the device is outdated. With proper care and maintenance, an older iPhone can still provide a satisfying user experience, especially for everyday tasks such as calling, messaging, web browsing and social media.

Revendo: Your trusted source for refurbished iPhones

By purchasing a refurbished iPhone from Revendo, you not only get a high-quality device, but also contribute to the reduction of electronic waste and thus to a more sustainable future. With our 1-year warranty and exceptional customer service, your satisfaction is our top priority.

What are the differences between iPhone Max, Pro and Plus?

Apple is synonymous with innovation and cutting-edge technology. With every new version, they impress us and leave us in awe of their design and functionality. Every year, Apple launches a new range of iPhones that are equipped with unique features and appeal to different market segments. appeal to different market segments. Some of the most talked about iPhone lines are the Pro, Max and Plus series. But what's the difference between them? In this guide, we'll go over the features, specs and functions of each model to help you decide which is the perfect device for you.

iPhone Pro Max

The iPhone Pro Max has the same features and specifications as the iPhone Pro, but the main difference is the screen size. The Pro Max is always the largest model in an iPhone series and delivers impressive picture quality. This device is ideal for users who want a larger screen to stream videos, play games or multitask seamlessly. The battery life is also impressive thanks to the larger battery capacity. If you're an entertainment lover looking for a device that offers an immersive visual experience with long battery life, then the iPhone Pro Max is perfect for you.

iPhone Pro

The iPhone Pro is a high-end device designed for users with high demands on performance and quality. If you are a heavy user who needs a device with high performance, then the iPhone Pro is perfect for you.

iPhone Plus

The iPhone Plus series was discontinued in 2018, but is still a popular device among Apple fans. It was introduced in 2014 with the iPhone 6 Plus and its selling point was its larger display. If you love a larger display but don't want to spend the price of an iPhone Pro or Max, then the iPhone Plus is a good choice.