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Frequently asked questions / FAQs

Frequently asked questions about selling


Why sell at Revendo?

Revendo offers you the opportunity to sell your device quickly, safely and easily at a fair price. By extending the useful life of every device, we can save valuable resources and make an important contribution to the careful use of our environment. You don't need to register, pay postage or contact the buyer to sell. The money for your device will be transferred to your account within a few days.

At what prices does Revendo buy the equipment?

Our purchase prices are based on the current market value, which depends on the price development of the new device, the condition of the device as well as supply and demand. Please note that we can only consider the calculated price for 10 days.

Who pays the postage?

We take care of the postage for your shipment. You will receive the franking by e-mail, so all you have to do is print it out, stick it on your parcel and post it.

What do I do with the delivery note?

The delivery note is used for identification purposes. It contains important information for our staff. Please print it out and put it in the top of your package.

What do I do if I don't have a printer?

You can also frank and send the package at your own expense. Important: Please enclose a note with the order number and your information.

Can I also bring my device directly over?

Yes, you are welcome to visit one of our shopes during our opening hours. If possible, we will process your order on site. This depends on our workload and the size of your order.

When do I get my money?

As soon as we have received and checked the device and you have confirmed the payout, we will trigger it. The payment should normally be in your account within a few days (maximum seven working days).

How do I cancel my sale?

If you have not yet sent the device, you can contact our customer service at any time and cancel the order. If we have already received the device and checked it visually and technically, you will incur costs in accordance with our terms and conditions.

What happens to my data?

Before we sell your device, your device is completely reset to factory settings and your data is deleted. You can also book a certified erasure as an additional service.

Do I protect the environment with my sales?

Yes, reuse is even more sustainable than recycling. Revendo ensures sensible reuse and extends the life of electrical appliances.

What happens if I want to withdraw from the offer on site?

If you wish to withdraw from the offer without a reason, you can only do so by telephone or e-mail in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions. If the product has already been shipped, you will be charged a handling fee of CHF 10 and CHF 9 return shipping for smartphones/tablets and CHF 35 and CHF 9 return shipping for computers/laptops. Payment will be made within a few days of the product arriving at Revendo AG (Güterstrasse 133, 4053 Basel). Exceptions are made for devices that have defects or if there are difficulties in contacting us.

Why do I get 10% less with a cash payment?

We have extra administrative work with cash and a higher risk in processing.

Frequently asked questions about buying


Why buy from Revendo?

Revendo offers you good prices for used equipment. They have been checked, cleaned, reset and quality tested by our specialists. Furthermore, all our sold devices have at least 12 months warranty.

At what prices does Revendo sell the devices?

Our sales prices are based on the current market value, which depends on the new price, the condition of the unit as well as supply and demand.

Who will pay the postage?

Revendo covers the shipping costs for purchases over CHF 50. Saturday delivery costs 5.- CHF. Transport guarantee is calculated as a percentage of the purchase price.

Can I also look at the devices on site?

Yes, you are welcome to come by during our opening hours. We will be happy to provide you with information and advice on site. If you would like to visit a specific unit, please contact our customer service department to ensure which shop this unit is currently located in.

How can I pay?

In our online shop we accept invoice with instalment facility*, prepayment, Postfinance Card, e-finance, Twint and credit card. When you visit us in the shop, you can of course also pay by EC card and in cash. *Each month 10% of the outstanding amount with only 1% interest on the outstanding amount each month.

Can I cancel a purchase?

If you have not yet paid for your order in our online shop, you can always contact our customer service and cancel your order.

When do I get the device?

As soon as we have received the payment or you have ordered on account, we will send the device by A-Post to the address you have provided. You will usually receive the package on the next working day.

Do I protect the environment by buying from Revendo?

Yes, reuse is even more sustainable than recycling. Revendo ensures sensible reuse and extends the life of electrical appliances. By buying a used appliance, you support a more sustainable approach to our environment.

How do I get advice?

Our staff in the shops will be happy to advise you during our opening hours. You can also contact our customer support team via our "Contact" page.

Can I replace a unit directly?

This is not possible. The devices are first tested and only after this test will you be sent a quote by e-mail. We offer you express processing for CHF 79.

Why is the competition cheaper in certain cases?

It is not necessarily. We upgrade devices using established processes and quality checks and provide a warranty of at least 12 months. Furthermore, we offer repairs and orders under Apple certification, which stands for first-class quality. Not all competitors have these high quality standards. We also have shopes throughout Switzerland where you can get personal advice.

How Are Traces Of Use Evaluated?


The product looks like new and shows no signs of use.

The signs of use can only be seen under the best lighting conditions.

Scratches or wear are visible under normal lighting conditions.

Scratches and wear are clearly visible and cannot be overlooked.

How is the battery condition assessed?


Used: A used battery has a capacity of at least 80%
New: A new battery has a capacity of 98% and better